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Communication Input

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Communication signal input signal isolators

1 input 1 output

Input :RS-485 Full Duplex Digital Signal

Output :RS-485 Full Duplex Digital Signal


    The communication signal of PHG-11TC-22 is communication input signal signal isolator, which can realize the two-way communication of  RS-485 Full Duplex digital signal onsite and in the control room. 
    This product needs independent power supply, and the power supply, input and output are isolated.


    Input signal RS-485 Full Duplex Digital Signal
    Output signal RS-485 Full Duplex Digital Signal
    Transmission delay ≤10μs
    Transmission rate ≤115.2kbps
    Supply voltage 20-35VDC
    Power consumption ≤1.5W (when powered by 24V)
    LED indicator Green: Power indicator
    Yellow: The control room transmits signals to the site
    Red: transmitting signals from the site to the control room
    Receiving and transmitting switching time ≥20ms
    Temperature parameters Working temperature: -20~+60
    storage temperature:-40
    Relative humidity 10%~95% RH no condensation
    Dielectric strength ≥2000VAC/min(between input/output/power supply)
    Insulation resistance 100MΩ(500 VDC) (between input/output/power supply)
    Electromagnetic compatibility GB/T 18268(IEC 61326-1)
    MTBF 800000h
    Wire requirements Horizontal cutting surface ≥ 0.5mm2; Insulation strength ≥ 500V
    Applicable field equipments Communication interface device with RS-485 Full Duplex Digital Signal



    Schematic diagram



    1. The power rail function is an optional function, and users need to specify the power supply method when placing an order

    The selection of power rail connectors can refer to page 89 of the "Annex"