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PHD-11TD-21+ / PHD-12TD-211+

Analog Input

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PHD-11TD-21+ / PHD-12TD-211+

Surge Protection Type Analogue Input Isolated Safety Barrier 
PHD-11TD-21+   1 input and 1 output
PHD-12TD-211+ 1 input and 2 outputs

Input: two or three-wire transmitter or current source(HART digital signal)
Output: 4~20mA (HART digital signal)


    The analog input isolated safety barrier with surge protection function provides isolated power supply for two - and three wire transmitters in hazardous areas. The 4-20mA signal generated by the transmitter or current source is transmitted from the hazardous area to the safe area output, thereby driving the load in the safe area. For two - or three wire transmitters or current source signals, this safety barrier supports bidirectional communication of the Hart digital signal superimposed on the 4-20mA signal and has a wire breakage alarm function.

    This product requires independent power supply, with isolated power supply, input, and output terminals.


    Input in harzadous area
    Input signal Two or three-wire transmitter or current source(HART digital signal)
    Transmitter distribution voltage The open circuit voltage is ≤28V, and the output voltage is ≥15.5V when the circuit is 20mA.
    Output in safe area
    Output signal 4~20 mA(HART  digital signal)
    Output load When outputting 20mA, 0~500 Ω (customizable)
    Optional voltage output type, load resistance RL ≥ 330k Ω
    Surge protection features:  
    Nominal discharge current ln(8/20μs) 5kA
    Voltage protection level Up(8/20μs): 60V(line to line)
    Voltage protection level Up(8/20μs): 600V(line to ground)
    According to standards GB/T18802.21-2016(equivalent to 1EC61643-21:2012)
    Basic parameters
    Supply voltage 20~35VDC
    Power consumption When 24V power supply, 20mA output
    LED indicator  Green: power indicator
    Response time 2ms to reach 90% of the final value
    Temperature drift 0.005% F.S/℃
    Temperature parameters Working temperature: -20℃ ~ +60℃,
    Storage temperature: -40℃ ~ +80℃
    Relative humidity 10%~95% RH no condensation
    Insulation strength Between intrinsically safe side and non-intrinsically safe side (≥3000VAC/min); between power supply and non-intrinsically safe side (≥1500VAC/min)
    Insulation resistance ≥100MΩ (between input/output/power supply)
    Electromagnetic compatibility According to IEC 61326-1 (GB/T 18268), IEC 61326-3-1
    MTBF 100000h
    Wire requirements Horizontal cutting surface ≥ 0.5mm2; Insulation strength ≥ 500W
    Applicable field equipments Two, three-wire (HART) transmitter or current source (HART) signal
    Installation place Installed in a safe zone, it can be connected to intrinsic safety instruments in hazardous areas up to Zone 0, IIC, Zone 20, and IIIC
    Intrinsically safe certification
    Explosion proof mark [Ex ia Ga]lIC [Ex ia Da]lllC
    Explosion-proof standard GB/T3836.1-2021  GB/T3836.4-2021
    Terminals 5-6、5-4 Um:250V AC/DC Uo=28V DC lo=93mA Po=0.65W Co=0.083μF Lo=4.2mH
    Terminal 4-6 Um:250V AC/DC Uo=7.2V DC lo=--- Po=-Co=12μF Lo=--
    Certification body CQST(China National Quality Supervision and Test Centre for Explosion Protected Electrical Products)
    Shanghai lightning protection products testing center



    Connection wiring



    1. PHD-11TD-21+ does not include output 2 part. 
    2. The power supply of the power rail is an optional function. Users need to specify the power supply mode when ordering. Please refer to attachment on page 89.