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SIS System Safety Relays

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Applied in SIS controller DO signals input


    PH6005-1AR1B-F is a safety relay control module suitable for DO signal isolation and conversion in SIS systems. It has 1 normally open (NO) contact and 1 normally closed (NC) contact, with reserved terminals for quick offline Proof Test testing. The fuse compartment on the panel is pre installed with 5A fuse protection, allowing users to quickly replace damaged fuses. The internal circuit adopts Fail-safe technology, triple redundancy technology, and contact fusion protection technology.

    Technical data

    Power supply characteristics:
    Power supply:  24V DC
    Current loss:  ≤60mA(24V DC)
    Voltage range:  16V~35V DC
    Input characteristics:
    Input current:  ≤60mA(24V DC)
    Wire resistance:  ≤ 15 Ω
    Input device:  Safety switch, contact switch, SIS system DO signal
    Output characteristics:
    Number of contacts:  1NO+1NC
    Contact material:  Ag-alloy
    Contact fuse protection:  5A (replaceable)
    Contact capacity:  5A/250V AC; 5A/30V DC
    Mechanical lifespan:  more than 107 times
    Time characteristics:
    Switch-on delay :  ≤ 30ms 
    Delay-on de-energisation:  ≤ 30ms 
    Recovery time:  ≤ 30ms 
    Supply short interruption:  20ms


    Safety Integrity Level (SIL):   SIL3 
    Average Probability of dangerous Failure on Demand 1.98E-04
    Inspection and testing time interval 20 years
    Common Cause Failure Score(β) 2.5%
    Inefficiency( λ)
    Safety failure rate(λs) 167 E-09 1/h
    Dangerous failure rate 90 E-09 1/h
    Undetected dangerous failure rate  90 E-09 1/h


    Environmental characteristics
    Electromagnetic compatibility:  conform to EN 60947,EN 61000-6-2,EN 61000-6-4
    Vibration frequency:  10Hz~55Hz
    Vibration amplitude: 0.35mm
    Ambient temperature:   -20 ℃~+60 ℃
    Storage temperature:   -40 ℃~+85 ℃
    Relative humidity:  10% to 90%
    Altitude:  ≤ 2000m
    Insulation characteristics
    Electrical clearance and creepage distance: conform to EN 60947-1
    Overvoltage level: III
    Pollution level:  2
    Protection level:  IP20
    Insulation strength:  1500V AC, 1 minute
    Rated insulation voltage:  250V AC
    Rated impulse voltage:  6000V (1.2/50us)


    External dimensions


    Functional Block Diagram


    Typical application


    Proof Test

    The reserved terminals R1~R3 can achieve fast offline Proof Test, and the testing steps are as follows:
    (1) Test the resistance between each terminal using Ohm range of a multimeter under both power on and off conditions;
    (2) Compare the test results with the truth table, and if they are consistent, it indicates that the product functions normally;
    (3) if there is any abnormality, please stop using it immediately and contact the technical support as soon as possible.

    Power supply Side Detection Side
    14-R1 R1-R3 R3-R2 R2-13
    Put through ≤15Ω ≤15Ω ≤15Ω ≤15Ω
    Break ≤15Ω OL OL OL


    Wiring diagram

    (1) The instrument wiring adopts Pluggable connecting terminal ;
    (2) The soft copper cross-sectional area of the input side wire must be greater than 0.5mm2, and the output side must be greater than 1mm2;
    (3) The exposed length of the wire is about 8mm, which is locked by M3 screws;
    (4) The output contacts must provide enough fuse protection connections;
    (5) Copper conductor must withstand an ambient temperature of at least 75 ℃; 
    (6) Terminal screws can cause misoperation, heating, etc. Therefore, please tighten it according to the specified torque. Terminal screw tightening torque 0.5Nm.



    Safety relays should be installed in control cabinets with at least IP54 protection level.
    The PH6005-1AR1B-F series safety relays are all installed with DIN35mm guide rails. Installation steps are as follows
    (1) Clamp the upper end of the instrument onto the guide rail;  
    (2) Push the lower end of the instrument into the guide rail.



    Insert a screwdriver (blade width ≤ 6mm) into the metal latch at the lower end of the instrument panel;
    Push the screwdriver upwards and pry the metal latch downwards;
    Pull the instrument panel up and out of the guide rail.



    (1) Please regularly check whether the safety function of the safety relay is in good condition, and whether there are signs that the circuit or the original is tampered with or bypassed;
    (2) Please follow the relevant safety regulations and operate according to the instructions in this instruction manual, otherwise it may lead to fatal accidents or loss of personnel and property;
    (3) The products have undergone strict inspection and quality control before leaving the factory. If you find that the products are not working properly and suspect that the internal module is faulty, please contact the nearest agent or directly contact the technical support hotline.
    (4) Within six years from the date of delivery, all product quality problems during normal use shall be repaired by Pinghe free of charge.



    Please verify whether the product packaging, product label model, and specifications are consistent with the purchase contract;
    Before installing and using safety relays, carefully read this manual;
    If you have any questions, please contact the Beijing Pinghe Technical Support Hotline at 400 711 6763;
    The safety relay should be installed in a control cabinet with at least IP54 protection level;
    The instrument is powered by 24V  power supply, and the use of 220V AC power supply is strictly prohibited;