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Petrochemical industryPetrochemical industry

As one of the most important energy sources, petroleum is widely used in various fields around the world. It is not only an important component of the energy industry, but also influences the global economy and politics. Therefore, its safety cannot be ignored. Petrochemical production is the process of processing and converting hydrocarbons such as oil, natural gas, or coal to obtain various chemicals and fuels. These hydrocarbons typically require processes such as heating, pressure treatment, distillation, and mixing to achieve the required chemical reactions. Therefore, the characteristics of being flammable, explosive, high-temperature, and toxic also make this industry extremely dangerous.

Beijing Pinghe Isolation Safety Barrier will transmit voltage and current signals from hazardous areas to the safety zone through isolation and transmission. This product has a novel, safe and reliable design, and may have obtained a patented appearance, making it a typical product in safety automation systems.

Nuclear powerNuclear power

Nuclear power is a clean energy source. Both nuclear fission and fusion generate a large amount of energy, and current nuclear power plants use the thermal energy released by uranium nuclear fission to generate electricity. In the process of nuclear fission, neutrons collide with uranium nuclei, causing a controlled chain reaction that generates heat energy, generates steam, and drives the turbine to operate, generating electricity. Compared to traditional fossil fuel power plants, nuclear power plants have lower emissions and do not produce greenhouse gases and atmospheric pollutants, making them widely used worldwide. However, nuclear energy is also considered a highly hazardous form of energy as it involves radioactive materials and nuclear reactions. Nuclear power itself is a highly complex technology, and if not used correctly, it may cause serious accidents, resulting in serious harm to humans and the environment.

Beijing Pinghe focuses on high-end signal interface modules and has obtained multiple international safety certifications such as CE, FCC, IECEx, T ü V, etc. To provide stable and reliable products and high-quality services for the development of nuclear power.


Electricity is an energy source powered by electricity. It is a power production and consumption system composed of power generation, transmission, transformation, distribution, and consumption. It converts primary energy from nature into electricity through mechanical energy devices, and then supplies electricity to various users through transmission, transformation, and distribution.

Electricity resources have become one of the important resources for people's survival in modern society. In the supply and transportation of electricity resources, the operation quality of electrical equipment plays a crucial role in the safety and effectiveness of the entire power system.

Beijing Pinghe has always focused on the research and development, production, marketing, and service of industrial control products. Up to now, nearly 7 million online vehicles have been operating stably in domestic and international markets. Excellent quality and excellent service have gained high recognition and trust from our partners.


The aerospace industry, as a high-tech industry for human exploration of the atmosphere and space, covers two major fields: aviation and aerospace. Aviation refers to the navigation activities of manned or unmanned spacecraft in the atmosphere, while aerospace refers to the navigation activities of manned or unmanned spacecraft in the outer space of the atmosphere. In recent years, with the rapid development of technology and the gradual recovery of the global economy, the aerospace industry has also shown a vigorous development trend. Therefore, aviation safety has also become an important task. 

Beijing Pinghe provides high-quality signal isolators, isolation safety barriers, safety relays, surge protectors, and other signal interface modules to provide high-quality services for aerospace automation safety.


Due to the development of shipping and military needs, ships tend to become larger and more specialized, and shipbuilding technology has rapidly developed. The shipbuilding industry has become one of the most important heavy industry sectors in the world.

Shipbuilding belongs to the highly complex and comprehensive heavy industry sector. Ships are made up of thousands of components and are closely related to almost every industrial sector. In addition to unique shipbuilding techniques, shipbuilding also involves various fields such as machinery, electrical, metallurgy, architecture, chemistry, and even arts and crafts. Therefore, shipbuilding is a comprehensive technology based on all industrial technologies, reflecting a country's industrial technology level.

The ship production site is a very complex working environment. Whether on ground platforms or at ship docks and docks, due to the variety of production types and complex production processes, the production site always presents a multi-directional three-dimensional cross working state. At the same time, due to the fact that ships are a special type of product, there are many high-altitude operations, enclosed cabins, and limited space operations, shipbuilding is considered one of the most dangerous jobs. The signal interface module products produced by Beijing Pinghe have played an important role in the safety automation system of shipbuilding.

Biotechnology  and  pharmaceuticalsBiotechnology  and  pharmaceuticals

Biotechnology and pharmaceutical innovation are of great significance in changing the future of human health. Biotechnology and pharmaceutical innovation will provide people with more treatment options, earlier disease diagnosis and prevention methods, as well as safer and more effective drug treatments. This will help improve human health levels, extend lifespan, and make significant contributions to addressing global health issues. The biopharmaceutical industry also faces safety risks. The products of Beijing Pinghe have been applied in the automation system of the biopharmaceutical production process, greatly reducing the possibility of danger.

Metallurgical technologyMetallurgical technology

Metallurgical technology has important strategic significance in economic development, as it is the foundation of modern industry and a key support for the development of green energy and emerging industries. With the rapid development of technology, emerging industries such as biomedicine, electronic information, and new energy are flourishing globally. In these fields, metallurgical technology also plays an important role. The metallurgical industry involves complex processes and equipment such as high temperature and high pressure, with high safety risks. The application of automated safety systems is essential in processes such as drying, roasting, roasting, smelting, refining, and distillation in smelting. And Beijing Pinghe's series of signal interface module products provide high-quality support for automation.

Up to now, nearly 7 million online machines have been operating stably in domestic and international markets, and their excellent quality and service have gained high recognition and trust from our partners.